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Physical Browser Uploader

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Wersja 2.9.f (2018-02-19)

English [UK]

O: This plugin permits to upload images to physical albums using a HTML5 web browser form, instead of using a FTP client as default in Piwigo.

Make sure webserver process user have write permission to physical folders.

Since version 2.9.f this plugin accept configuration in LocalFiles Editor:
-- Default options are: $conf["pbu"] = array("prepare_filename" => true, "auto_rename" => true);
-- "prepare_filename" will remove all non-alphanumeric and spaces from filename if true and keep original filename if false.
-- in case file already exist "auto_rename" will auto rename the file if true and overwrite if false.

Zmiany: bugfixes for non-Firefox browsers, added $conf options


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Wersja 1.8.4pjm (2017-11-15)

English [UK]

O: Piwigo2Img is a web software used as Piwigo image to BBcode or HTML code generator. It can be used to insert Piwigo images in internet posts or comments in a very fast way.

I have created originally as a PhpBB3 mod (manual installation), which is adding a [piwigo] button in PhpBB3 message posting toolbar. That permit PhpBB3 users to insert [IMG] and [URL] bbcode in forum messages, linking to the pictures of one or multiple Piwigo galleries.

Check the documentation "\piwigo2img-readme\piwigo2img-2-install.txt" for how to install Piwigo2Img as a post button in:
-Wordpress (as plugin)
-bbPress (as plugin)
-PhpBB3 (as mod)
-SMF (as mod)
-PunBB (as mod)
-Vanilla (as mod)

Since it generates the code in it's own textarea, it also can be accessed directly for standalone usage. It can be adapted very easily as posting toolbar button to other software.

Zmiany: Minor revision. See detailed changelog in "\piwigo2img-readme\piwigo2img-3-develop.txt"


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Wersja 1.0.4 (2017-01-20)

  • Autor: eliz82
  • Kategorie: Wtyczki
  • Tags: loupe
  • Dostępne języki: 2 (see)
  • Kompatybilne z: Piwigo releases 2.9, 2.8, 2.7
  • Pobrań: 3134
English [UK] Français [FR]

O: Display a magnifying loupe over pictures.

It's using this library: . Loupe library web-browser compatibility:
-MSIE 11+ (will not work in IE 8, 9, or 10)
-Desktop Safari 7 (minus the scrollwheel zoom feature)
-Firefox 28+
-Chrome 36+

On version v1.0.4 you can use:
$conf['Loupe'] = array('preload' => true);
in your local config to preload the original image for the client before he puts the mouse over. This is disabled by default as is increase the webserver bandwidth and cpu usage.

Forum topic:

P.S. Currently this extension is unsupported, however you can leave the bug reports or future request on the forum topic.

Zmiany: Fix bugs and added some new futures

(3 rozszerzeń)
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