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The Pinnacle Galleries

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The Pinnacle Galleries

This site contains images I have captured at locations around the world, particularly in North America and Europe. Most of my images are taken outdoors in natural light. A few are taken indoors at museums, castles, and other interesting man-made locations.

Steve Raia
wtorek 20 grudzień 2011
birds , California , Canada , Featured , Greece , Hawaii , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , landscapes , lang:en , Montana , nature , sunsets , travel , Turkey , Utah , waterfalls , Wyoming
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  • Kurt Geisler - czwartek 11 czerwiec 2015 17:34
    Marvellous Gallery
  • Peter - niedziela 14 czerwiec 2015 20:13
    A beautiful site!

    I hope you don't mind me asking which theme you are using, and also how you make the photos get larger when they are clicked.

  • Steve - niedziela 10 styczeń 2016 18:39
    The theme is "stripped" along with the "GThumb+" plugin. There is an option in the stripped theme to show images in a lightbox and a default lightbox size option. These two settings are what causes the image to get larger when you click it.
  • JOe - piątek 11 marzec 2016 18:33
    Great site! beautiful pictures. I wish i could leave comments on the pics!
  • Michael - piątek 24 marzec 2017 19:47
    How did you build your home page and the horizontal menu? I've been trying to find a theme that doesn't have so many drop downs but instead builds out a top horizontal menu.
  • prasanna - poniedziałek 17 kwiecień 2017 13:06
    Thanks for your information about your theme and who you used it.

    myself to added the same theme and wish to know few more details,

    1] how did you add slideshows of images in your website homepage.
    2] me too added the payment platform with paypal. but i don't know how to customize on bottom of the images as yours
    3] as per the original theme the descriptions and other details are shown at bottom of the image. which unable to see by viewer on desktop. How did you make it visible and bit upper from the lower side of website
    4] how did you add your personal details and images in "about"
    is there any tutorials to study how to use Piwigo

    if anyone could help me, it would be a great help.

    Thanks & Best Regards
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