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Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".


next release is 2.10.0RC1

Piwigo 18460716 plegall

update language directory from the "translation" branch

Piwigo 38f4d619 plegall

17 sierpień 2019

Fix deprecated usage

Flickr2Piwigo 81a5522a Sam Wilson

15 sierpień 2019

Add Spanish translation

Stereo 3081f6d3 Elliott Eggleston

Add some login error guards and update dependencies

Flickr2Piwigo 4c9a5764 Sam Wilson

14 sierpień 2019

Use default theme if loaded one is not found

Piwigo 7b6912ba Sam Wilson

fixes #1063 upgrade script to 2.10

Piwigo 01e593fd plegall

Fixed nested if block

Piwigo-Android ca095c57 Valentin BAIZEAU

Replaced printStackTrace with Log function

Piwigo-Android 4b6f4442 Valentin BAIZEAU

Added missing strings.xml

Piwigo-Android d5e7da1e Valentin BAIZEAU

13 sierpień 2019

fixes #1060 always escape table/column names in advanced database functions

Piwigo 63bbba8e plegall

fixes #1057 use a popin instead of popup to display admin page help.

Piwigo 34780335 plegall

12 sierpień 2019

Removes unused swipe icons

Mobile d6aed701 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Merge pull request #326 from Piwigo/v2.4.1

Mobile 8f1bb5e4 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

fixes #1056 use a font-icon for page help

Piwigo b4f8d6d9 plegall

fixes #1011 add user input checks (and pwg_token) to avoid SQL injection (and CSRF)

Piwigo 7234d010 plegall

fixes #1010 prevent from SQL injection with user input check

Piwigo 91349065 plegall

fixes #1012 prevent SQL injection with a check on user input

Piwigo fccb6caa plegall

fixes #1009 check group_selection parameter to be only an array of ids

Piwigo 4932bc50 plegall

Updated gradle files to use Gradle 5.1.1

Piwigo-Android 90a3c1ae Valentin BAIZEAU

fixes #1058 prevent CSRF on notification by mail, with a pwg_token

Piwigo 776f8fa1 plegall

9 sierpień 2019

close #110

Piwigo-Android 0bc3afd7 Raphael Mack

fixes #1055 prevents XSS on original resize fields

Piwigo fdcb6f50 plegall

Added helper class for internet status

Piwigo-Android 5396ecbe Valentin BAIZEAU

Added localization support

Piwigo-Android 606e7e4e Valentin BAIZEAU

8 sierpień 2019

Update photo

Mobile 534e546a Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated screenshots

Mobile aca9b0ff Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Modified colors and layouts to match Piwigo official colors

Piwigo-Android 38f7e4eb Valentin BAIZEAU

7 sierpień 2019

Added show password toggle in login activity

Piwigo-Android 9dddc01a Valentin BAIZEAU

Added the ability to create some albums from the app

Piwigo-Android 3c0d6aef Valentin BAIZEAU

Update pl_PL, thanks to cryopad

piwigodotorg 5c3bd105 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Version 2.4.1 build 205 for TestFlight testing

Mobile c25285fd Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

6 sierpień 2019

fixes #1053 add themes {modus, elegant, smartpocket} in release build

Piwigo bc0b49cd plegall

fixes #1052 separate themes from Piwigo core repository

Piwigo 54154eb8 plegall

Fixes impossibility to leave the TagSelect view when there is no available tag, Adds number of tags in the footer of the table view

Mobile 52daf123 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

remove useless packaging files to avoid irrelevant security alerts on Github

piwigo-modus f3406ca9 plegall

fixes #12 add 8 new skins and set Newspaper as default skin

piwigo-modus 2e67776c plegall

Version 2.4.1 build 204 for TestFlight testing

Mobile bb556edb Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Displays total number of images in root album

Mobile bda7a87a Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes space between navigation bar and images

Mobile e4cccfc1 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes toolbar dark mode not always updated

Mobile 75423a48 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes image title not shown when the image has no title (will show the file name)

Mobile db06962d Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Removes LaunchScreen (deprecated), Use Base internationalization

Mobile d0bf91ce Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Improves interface

Mobile 2c840927 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Removes useless viewDidLoad()

Mobile db6534f8 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes dictionary initialisation

Mobile 05692dda Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes missing [super viewDidLoad]

Mobile 7d9562f3 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Improves navigation on iPad when editing single images

Mobile 2fadb68b Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds number of photos to tags, improves navigation

Mobile ce48cdc2 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Improves navigation

Mobile 8591beae Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Corrects comments

Mobile 63f70ca9 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

View widths become constants

Mobile 874987f1 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Improved code

Mobile abc276ea Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Does not highlight cell of parent album

Mobile b5426711 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Does not highlight cell of parent album

Mobile a52a64a6 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

5 sierpień 2019

fixes #5 add a webview display for mobile-apps-privacy-policy

piwigodotorg 22d8fe27 plegall

Improves album displays

Mobile 2438669c Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds number of photos in footers

Mobile c318bb95 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Fixes #33

Mobile 2fa77d15 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Replaces Done button with Cancel button

Mobile bdb69aa9 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

4 sierpień 2019

Fixes #33 — Cleans code

Mobile cc238aab Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

2 sierpień 2019

Fixes #33 (adds search by tag)

Mobile 53e5d6d0 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Manages string encodings different from UTF-8

Mobile b8f7cd2a Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Displays number of images found with search tool

Mobile 6f640ddd Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Puts Cancel button to the right of Discover view

Mobile 739a9d9d Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Upload chunk size still defaults to 500 KB but adopts server value whenever provided

Mobile 4d8303bc Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated fastlane (SnapshotHelper.swift)

Mobile 369bd85e Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated Cocoapods to 1.7.5

Mobile 6e52bd44 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds timeout interval for resource (upload)

Mobile 948c16dd Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated Cocoapods project version

Mobile 2c26b72a Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated fastlane

Mobile a88fdc32 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

31 lipiec 2019

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

greydragon 32015 TranslationTeam

28 lipiec 2019

Version 2.4.1 build 201 for TestFlight testing

Mobile 211abced Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Moved swipe button icons

Mobile 417a6404 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated Discover menu icon

Mobile 5bfdc066 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Rearranged icons folders

Mobile 7859ee75 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Adds Discover menu presenting "Most visited", "Best rated" and "Recent photos" views

Mobile 7cf0dc53 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Improved Search management

Mobile 3cbab512 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

27 lipiec 2019

Adds v2.4.1 release notes

Mobile 8d636fc4 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated comment

Mobile 7c723661 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Removed Base Internationalization

Mobile 6c9a63ef Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated translations

Mobile 65449293 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Removed Base Internationalization

Mobile b30de8b8 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

Updated preferences and list icons

Mobile 07c6ae77 Eddy Lelièvre-Berna

25 lipiec 2019

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

greydragon 32014 TranslationTeam

24 lipiec 2019

Add he_IL, thanks to ymoran00

piwigo-modus ac1ef415 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update uk_UA, thanks to m_alien

TakeATour e97b4735 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update zh_CN, thanks to dennisyan

piwigodotorg 63cb9671 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update pl_PL, thanks to mjp

AStat f68e951c Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

greydragon 32013 TranslationTeam